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Planned Parenthood

“I’ll have a bucket of thighs & legs” – A phrase often heard at fast food chicken markets, but how common place has the thought of “buying parts” become in the world today? Shockingly, it has been uncovered that not only does Planned Parenthood fund the abortion of fetuses, but they also sell parts for different industries to use. My disgust? Every human being is worth more than the sum of his or her body parts.

Often times abortions are done for women of young age and low economic status. They know nothing of the procurement of the organs and limbs from their baby. Should this violation be of cause for concern? I suggest, yes. Women are tricked into thinking an abortion is merely a minor procedure with no lifelong repercussions. The truth? Mental and even physical pains can be felt long after an abortion is carried out.  Depression and infertility are just some of the main side effects that can occur, yet women are led to believe it is mere “tissue removal”.

In the news recently one of our presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton, was shown praising an abortionist doctor.  On tape this doctor was describing a partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term unborn babies which (she hopes) will yield intact fetal heads for brain harvesting. My view? How can Hilary, a woman (and mother), be so cold hearted and promote such behavior? If elected President, Hillary claims to “have Planned Parenthood‘s back”. I wonder if she realizes that selling or buying a back – or any human body part- could cost 10 years in federal prison and $500,000 in fines? Or more importantly, does she care?

With the motto, “Care. No matter what”, Planned Parenthood is failing in so many areas of care and privacy.  Not only are fetal body parts being sold, but most recently, an Iowa Planned Parenthood abandoned patient files. They broke client confidentiality by leaving behind personal health information records for over 2,500 of its former clients. Should we be concerned? I would be.  How can a clinic, in the industry of “caring”, be so careless?

When it comes down to it, whether we are discussing pro-life vs pro-choice, selling fetal body parts, or breaching confidentially, the greater issue at hand is CARE. Do we as a society actually care about life? Have we become so oblivious to one another that we don’t think twice about human kind? It certainly looks that way to me. And while I have no hesitation proudly stating I’m pro-life, I challenge you to think of the opposite of life: death. I am nervous that the morals of our community have died, and for that I fear for the future of my daughter who had I listened to my Planned Parenthood doctor 9 years ago I would have never had her- because, after all, single moms have no chance of being a good parent. Or is that just another stereotype perpetuated by our “Planned Parenthood culture”? And with that, I challenge us all to think independently and value the very thing we take for granted, life.

By: Robin

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