There was a time in America were people came to this country and the first thing they would see was the Statue of Liberty and a feeling for a new beginning and a sense of freedom. When my dad immigrated to this country in summer of 1972. The United States was still at war with Vietnam and the Watergate Scandal had just broken out. When my Dad arrived to this country he had the same feelings many people had had before him. He found a good job and met his first wife. He would work for that same company for 45 years and be remembered for all the contributions he had done for the company despite being from another country. I however, have the privilege of being born in this wonderful country and being able to say “I am an American”. I have the privilege of looking at my flag and be proud of my country and my freedom.  Other however do not have this same privilege even if their feelings are the same as my fathers.

America is a country that was founded by immigrants. No matter the origins Immigrants have always contributed to this country and this country has contributed too many others. That is what makes America so great. No matter what the United States is always there to lend a hand when help is needed. The United States has always been a beacon of hope, brilliance, freedom and justice. So why is it that in today’s world a presidential candidate for our Country is suggesting building walls and banning people from our country due to their race? Isn’t that against our values? Is insulting Women and people with disabilities what will make our country “great again” ? This suggestions and observations are a stark contrast to what our founding father had in mind for the future of our great nation. Shame because many people are agreeing with the remarks made by this individual.

Last year, when I first started college I remember that my brother wasn’t able to drop me off at college due to work, so I decided to take the bus. Unfortunate for me I had to take to buses. One that would drop me off in Perth Amboy, and another that would drop me off at the main campus of my college. While waiting for my bus I saw 3 young Central American gentleman that were waiting for the same bus.  They were speaking in Spanish so I decided to be friendly with them. They asked me where I was going and I told them that I was going to school. I asked them the same question and they told me that they were going to work. They asked me where I was from and I told them that I was born in the United States from Colombian parents. In response they told me they emigrated from Nicaragua. I asked them if they crossed the border and they said yes. I was curious because that was the first time I had ever had a conversation with someone who crossed the border. They told me about the hardships they went through to arrive to the United States. Finally the bus arrived and we were headed towards our respective destinations. I found out that they worked for a Mercedes Benz warehouse cleaning cars but the enthusiasm in there voice was charming they spoke as if they were experiencing the times of their lives. I would meet them in two other occasions until I started getting rides from a friend. I would never forget those 3 gentleman because I realized that it was people like them that really believed in the American dream.

I remember there was a point in the republican premieres where insults and controversy were aplenty. Topics in debates would be used as comic relief and not taken seriously. The term “anchor babies” were used multiple times. A very offensive term for a topic that refers to the birth of an American child. Anyone born in this country is automatically an American no matter what. This includes me and my nieces and nephews, my children and the children of my children. It is incredibly irritating to hear people on the news discuss a topic were citizenship isn’t granted to the child of an illegal immigrant. That is undeniably the most insulting suggestion that could be said in an effort to win a presidency and make “America great again”. For I am the child of a man that at some point in his life was also an illegal immigrant as so are many people in this country. If in fact 11.4 illegal immigrants were to be deported during a certain individual’s precedency who would be put in their place to continue the jobs they were working on? Who will work in the thousands of plantations all over this country? Who will work long hours for minimal pay at the warehouses and construction sights. Because even though illegal immigrants are labeled “rapists” and “criminals” they are the ones that work at the grass fields and peanut farms day and night for their chance to see their children have an education and a better life. These people deserve admiration and respect instead of defame and prejudice.

In conclusion, America is a country where freedom and happiness go hand and hand. Since the cry of independence to the victory of the American Civil War to the fall of Communism. America has always stood strong due to our faith in our values and our love for our country. I have always been proud of my country. I’ve always loved my country, and my goal of becoming successful and accomplishing my own American dream rings in my heart every day. I just hope that 50 years from now my Country can continue to be the country were dreams are made and not a country were walls and ignorance exiles us from the rest of the world.

By: Humberto