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Gun Control

Hello. My name is Jonathan and I live in a country where people sell guns on Facebook. Before I go any farther, let’s take it easy on Facebook.¬†On January 29th, they made a decision to ban gun sales on Facebook and Instagram. The penalty is you have to take another 30 seconds out of your life to repost whatever you want. There are two guys that volunteer their time to report gun sales posts to Facebook. After Facebook removes these posts, Forbes says 80% of them are reposted anyway.

You know, I understand that there’s bad things out there that would make people want to protect themselves from the bad guys, but listen man, I can’t remember a news article where an AR 15 was used for a good thing. If you want to get a license from the state and go through the proper channels and pack heat like the oven door go for it, but know that comes with a responsibility beyond protecting yourself. You now need to make sure when you dispose of it, it doesn’t get in the wrong hands. That’s about caring for others. If you assist in the trade of gunsyou could be a catalyst in a bad thing.

Recently, Governor Jerry Brown of California passed legislation to require background checks for purchasing ammo, ¬†along with a lot more. This is huge in California. Last time I checked, Facebook is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Next time Downtown Jerry Brown decides to ram some laws down people’s throat, how about he clamps down on Facebook.

I’m not against gun owners and I’m not against the NRA but there’s too much going on right now in the world and its so important we don’t make mistakes. When there’s a drought, don’t we have certain times a week where we can water our lawn? When there was a gas shortage, didn’t we have certain times when we could buy gas? When you’ve gone over budget for the month and spent too much money, don’t you not go shopping for new clothes? When there terrorist attacks all over the world, why are we still making it easy to buy guns?

I’m a talkative guy but I was lost for words when I found out the FBI interviewed the Orlando terrorist twice. If the FBI couldn’t ID a terrorist, why do you think you can?

It’s as simple as this: Facebook can easily write an algorithm to delete all gun posts. But If he does that, he will be challenging your first amendment rights as a business owner. He is essentially trading your safety for your freedom of speech. You decide.

By: Jonathan





  1. Loved this article! Funny & informative!

  2. Jonathan I like how you don’t immediately attack guns or gun owners but rather propose an idea to (not stop) slow the sale of guns so thanks for that. All that said I truly believe at the heart of the whole gun issues is mental health issues. Lucky this is the site for that lol. Anyway I live in the south and we love our guns down here so it’s hard to even fathom a life without them and quite frankly I don’t want to. I know a ton of arguments are made back and forth about this issue but for me it’s about safety, protection and sport, really that’s all. I know an AR15 sounds so very scary and in the wrong hands it can be but the truth is it’s just a scary looking rifle similar to a hunting rifle. People with bad intentions will figure out a way to hurt people doesn’t matter if it’s a gun or a truck they kill if they want too. So if they are going to have acces (and they will have access because as we know criminals don’t follow the laws) why shouldn’t I? I’m a mother of three and a responsible law abiding gun owner.

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