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Q: What qualifies you to run a mental health support website?

A: As diagnosed patients struggling with a lot of the same symptoms as our members, Jonathan & Robin strive to help everyone, to let their voices be heard. They are not clinically certified to diagnose, cure, or prevent any illness.


Q:  Why do you have different groups for the various mental health conditions?

A:   It is our hope that members will become comfortable with one another and be able to share stories – successes & struggles – as they cope with their illness. We think people will feel safe within each group, allowing people to make friends.


Q: What are the 3 rules?

A: Do not use illegal drugs and alcohol, take medication, & utilize your support system (including psychiatrist/counselor/family)


Q: How do I write for Voice of Mental Health?

A: We welcome people who have mental health conditions as well as mental health supporters to write for VMH.  Send us an email at to let us know what topic you’re passionate about. We will review it and get back to you regarding publication.




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